The Sky is Falling – Unless . . .

The sky is going to fall unless we pass the Obama HealthCare, and the earth is going to burn up unless give 100 billion a year to the poor nations of the world. The meeting in Copenhagen may have just save the world from tidal waves caused by melting glaciers. All of this is because of crisis ruling. Just two years ago our biggest problem was an expensive war and a president that could not speak in public without embarrassing his supporters. Now, we are facing 2012 scenarios and major tax increases.

According to the interview with ABC: “The president said that the costs of Medicare and Medicaid are on an “unsustainable” trajectory and if there is no action taken to bring them down, ‘the federal government will go bankrupt.'” According to Obama our nation is doomed to bankruptcy unless we spend trillions of dollars on a Health Care Bill. At the same time, Hillary Clinton has announced that we must spend $100 billion along with other rich nations to stop global warming.

Ruling by crisis is a strategy of the Obama administration since coming into office. It is the way of all socialist. It positions the government in being a savior to save the world as we know it from falling apart. Those who buy into this crisis government management, fall into a trap of depending upon a force that ends in altering their existence. To get major reforms in our nation, Obama has used the “sky is falling” approach on several issues, beginning with the bank failures and the collapse of auto makers. We are moving from one major crisis to another. Each time the answer has to come by mid-night or the sky will collapses. Even when the deadline comes and goes and the world still stands they still use this crisis strategy. Why, because it is required to get the major changes that Obama campaigned to get. Some of these crisis are imaginary some or real, but it does not matter as long as there is a crisis to push the socialist agenda. Obama said at the end of his campaign that the present banking crisis was their opportunity to bring the changes he wanted.

No one wants the sky to fall or the earth to burn up, but it is time for normal folks to wake up and realize that an agenda is driving these crisis. Just because the media is in step with our liberal president does not make it correct. When something is said enough times, folks begin to believe it. Come on, is the sky really falling? Only if we agree to pull it down. If we will not respond in a crisis mode I predict all these crises will go the way of the swine flu.

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