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Glenn Shaffer is the author of Apostolic Government in the 21st Century, Israel and the Kingdom, Christianity 101 and Discipleship 201 and a number of other books. He has a Masters of Ministry degree in leadership studies from Southwestern Christian University and did doctoral studies at ORU in Tulsa.

Glenn and his wife, Ami have been married for 42 years.  Together, they serve as spiritual overseers the of Destiny Life Church, one church in two locations (Owasso and Claremore, Oklahoma) where they have been serving for almost four decades. It is a non-denominational church, based on a New Testament Apostolic form of church government. Together, they also serve as the directors of ATI- Apostolic Teams International, an emerging network of churches and ministers. The Shaffers travel working with churches here in the states and the nations. Ami is an attorney and mainly does family law with adoptions and guardianships.

8 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. checking you all out i go to crossroads i thing we will meet soon danny and me wife susan you look like you may be my age the hole thing is is is is good i believe in god will look forwarded to meeting by for now

  2. hello just looking danny all lookes ok i thing we will be meeting sone look forward to meeting you all and church you can call me dan or daniel danny

  3. Hello Glenn,
    I have a question about your video on Hebrews 6:1-3. You mention two baptisms but I think that in Matthew 3:11 John the Baptizer references 3 different baptisms: water, Spirit and fire. My thought is that since John’s title is ‘the baptizer’ he should be an expert on baptisms, so his words on the subject should be carefully considered by us who are not. Why did you skip the third baptism, the baptism of fire? Isn’t the baptism of fire the process by which believers are sanctified? Thank you.

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