Why This Male is Not Going Toxic Over The Gillette Commercial

The latest controversy over the Gillette commercial has brought a ton of outcry from males. The first part of the nearly two-minute commercial focuses on bullying, sexual harassment, text-bullying, and acting sexually perverted over women. Then it shifts to the second bit with the challenge for men to be different and believe the best in men. The focus turns to being a peacemaker, stopping bullying, brothers provoking each other to not acting like sexual animals, and teaching sons to do the right thing.

These reproofs are almost the same you would hear at our men’s ministry at the church where I lead. The difference is that we don’t see the bad examples being the result of masculinity, but rather what the Bible calls depravity (Rom 3:23). We know that from the beginning of the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned, the sin nature passed to all mankind, both masculine and feminine (Rom 5:12). We know that in our flesh dwells no good thing (Rom 7:18). Yet, we also know that in Christ we are made a new creation and that we are not to conform to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind in Christ (Rom 12:2). We are not dependent upon trying to “do better,” but submitting ourselves to Christ and living out HIs new nature in us.

I have to assume that the Gillette Company has no interest in communicating a biblical worldview and Kingdom of God mentality, yet they want the same outcome as we do, men transformed into a new creation. This points out an important fact that mankind’s conscience accuses or excused them for they know we are created for more than worshiping the creation and being turned over to a rebate mind to not know right from wrong (Rom 1).

I have never liked the term, “boys will be boys.” when justifying sin, but if you mean, rough-housing, being loud, and turning sticks into missiles and guns, then I agree, boys will be boys. The real attack this commercial brings is to associate “sin” and wrong behavior to being a male. I believe to have real masculinity, men are to stand up against bullying, speak out against sexual harassment, grieve over sexual perversion, and teach the younger generation to be real men.

On the humorous side, the only part of the ad that I offends me is where men are cooking meat on grills as if this is bad. Now everyone knows to be a real man you have to know how to grill meat. After all, that is how Jesus cooked.

  • A quick overview of the commercial:
    Bullying = sin
    Sexual harassment = sin
    Gillette calls for the best in men = The best a man can be is in Christ
    Text bullying – (certainly not given by males only, girls can be worse) = still sin
    Acting as though you are grabbing women parts = sin
    Being inconsiderate of each other = prideful sin
    Boys will be boys – (playing and wrestling each other – yes) justification for sin, no.
    Cooking meat on the fire = it’s like Jesus 🙂 (John 21:9)
    Gillette syas, “Something finally changed” = evil behavior revealed (“Be sure your sin will find you out” Num 32:23).
    Gillette says, “We believe the best in men” = Christ in you the hope of glory – For in Adam all men died.
    Gillette says, “do the right thing” = “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will see God” (Matt 5:9). “And let us consider how to spur one another on to love and good deeds” (Heb 10:24).

One thought on “Why This Male is Not Going Toxic Over The Gillette Commercial

  1. The ad was sad. It’s apparent overall that there’s a push to turn men against women and vice versa. If I can help it myself, I won’t give any money to Gillette. I live to invest my money where it will actually count, and that’s not the case with any big companies; but what can you do? What I can do is that is a company comes out with any campaign or ad that is unfair to any person or group of persons– in words or actions or just in beliefs– I can withdraw from buying anything that company makes. The Gillette ad was shameless and embarrassing. The intention and heart attitude of its creator, who happens to be a female and a feminist I heard, is clearly accusative and is steeped in an ancient wickedness that says that “Men are bad, but women are good.”

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