Open Letter to DestinyLife – Second Half of the Sabbatical

Every day Ami and I have offered a prayer of gratefulness for the blessings provided for us in this sabbatical. We had no idea of what to expect as we entered into this special time, but it has been amazing. We are now in the second half of our sabbatical and it continues to be a strengthening time for us in every way.

The first month was very busy with a conference in California, personal responsibilities at home, and the Mediterranean cruise. All of these early events were great but it all seemed very scheduled. The Mediterranean cruise in July was a highlight we will draw upon for a long time. I have been reading one book of the New Testament (one of Paul’s epistles) each morning and meditating on it from a different perspective after visiting Corinth and Ephesus. It has given fresh insight to how I see many things that Paul wrote. That trip was no doubt the highlight for our experiences, but the time we are having with one another and our family will no doubt turn out to be the most rewarding. We realize a sabbatical is not required to have this time with family, but it has given us a new reason with purpose. We have had time to focus on them. It has been a blessing to be able to bless our kids with this time together and to be able to provide this experience in a way we would not have been able to do. We are looking forward to our extended time in Phoenix with our family as well. I believe this could turn out to be the primary purpose of the sabbatical.

Our time with Tony and Marilyn Fitzgerald, around the first of August, was really rich and enjoyable. We were greatly encouraged by them as they affirmed the way we have built with our team of leaders, relationships, and the family atmosphere that Destinylife exemplifies. They were very affirming of what we have. He also said that he felt like I might not hear much more about the apostolic ministry on this sabbatical because we have already heard, but that we would be more clear. So far, that seems to be true. He encouraged us “to not give up more than we should at home and not to take back up more than we should.” He thought what we are doing with our four areas of responsibility that we have laid out in our sabbatical brochure was right on. We came away very encouraged.

Our souls are starting to be strengthened. The Lord has been precious. Ami had a significant dream this past week where the Lord spoke to her about her purpose in this next phase of our life. We can tell we have shifted over to the second half of our sabbatical. Emotionally and spiritually we can identify this time as different from the first half. The first half was very busy and scheduled. It was all good and purposeful, but this second half we can tell will be our spiritual strengthening. These two weeks together in Branson have been very good for us personally. We are so grateful. We feel we are being renewed in our desire for Body of Christ and for our place at DestinyLife as we grow into the future.

On a number of occasions we have found ourselves crying out to God in gratefulness to everyone of our leaders who have been willing to carry and bear the load to make it possible for us to be on this sabbatical. We are so much aware of the weight they are carrying. We are so grateful for your support and willingness to allow us to experience this amazing opportunity. We love you so much.

The financial blessing the church has made available to us for this sabbatical has taken so much pressure off us and has made it possible for us to do things with our family that we would never have been able to do.

P.S. My golf came has improved 🙂

With Love,
Glenn and Ami

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