Entering the Blogging World for the First Time, Again

Well, I am stepping out to face the demanding world of blogging. I left this world after a short tenure about five years ago. I determined that I did not have the time to give to such activity. Now, that I am busier than ever I have decided that I must reenter this venue, go figure. There have been several issues that have arisen of late, for which I think it would have been beneficial for me to have blogged. I am finding a greater demand to present certain concepts and teachings to a broader audience.

By having a blog I will be able to connect from twitter and facebook and present a regular communique’. Thanks for helping me get the word out. I trust you will find helpful answers from these blog. Return and check it out.


One thought on “Entering the Blogging World for the First Time, Again

  1. I just finished reading your blog….whow, how do you have the time to write all this?

    God has certainly blessed you and Ami, and especially the great blessing to Destiny Life. Years past, we could never imagine all that has happened this past year. God is so great and so good to each one of us. How can we ever doubt Him.

    Glenn, thanks for all you’ve been in my life. My body has weakened, but my spirit is strong. I so admire and pray for you pastors who stand strong in the Kingdom. Prayers are being answered and I praise Him daily for His goodness. Love to you all, Rosalee

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