Who is Satan?

Two extremes are often taken when discussing issues related to Satan and demons. First, some think that Satan is not real and that demons do not exist. In our modern world, the idea of the existence of demons may seem primitive and even unenlightened. Science can find physical relationships to most problems; therefore, many assume that none are related to demonic activity. The second extreme is to associate most every conflict or problem directly to demons or the devil. To error on this side gives too much credit to the devil and creates curiosity and interest in darkness. This error arises from a misunderstanding of Satan’s activities and how he operates with his demonic forces. … More Who is Satan?

iSin, Sin and You

When you hold onto your sin long enough, it can change your beliefs and move you from the principles of God’s word (1 Tim 4:1). This happens as a means of personal justification. You can end up accepting lies and think that God approves of your behavior. I have heard Christians say, “I know what God’s word says, but I don’t think God would want me to be unhappy.” Their disobedience has become their deception. Because they insist upon their own will, their conscience does not bother them (1 Tim 4:2). To overcome sin you cannot ignore, justify, or tolerate it in your life. … More iSin, Sin and You

Local Church Government

The Church is God’s vehicle to establish His kingdom in the earth. His authority and government is most fully expressed in the church. In this lesson we want to take a look at the pattern of Church government according to the New Testament. In New Testament Church government, Christ’s example is the base upon which we must build. His servanthood and love are expressed through the ministry of elders and deacons for the purpose of nurturing and serving the people of God. … More Local Church Government

Victory Through the Word

No doubt, you are very much aware of how important God’s Word is to your daily victories. You may have already been able to see yourself growing as a result of applying the Word of God to your life. Whether it is overcoming the world, flesh, sin, or the Devil, the Word of God, along with God’s Spirit, is the key to victory. The Bible is significant in the life of a Christian. … More Victory Through the Word

DestinyLife Church Owasso and Crossroads Christian Center Becomes One

On April 25, 2010, Crossroads Christian Church, on Highway 169 and Highway 20 East will become DestinyLife Church Owasso. Glenn and his wife Ami will serve as the lead pastors with a pastoral team along with the Voss’ in a supportive role. Pastor Jack and Janice Voss will remain as part of the pastoral team, but see a change in their focus that will include more traveling ministry and missions. … More DestinyLife Church Owasso and Crossroads Christian Center Becomes One

Reclaiming Compassion, the Problem with Socialism

Christians must reclaim compassion. Christ is the leader of compassion. The Bible is the “bible” on compassion. No one has more authority to speak about compassion than Christians. The problem is that many are stuck on clichés and ideas that are not based on truth when it comes to compassion. What they call compassion is … More Reclaiming Compassion, the Problem with Socialism

The Church As The Means of God’s Government

God’s government is best seen operating in the Church. The Church is the primary means in which He establishes His rule in the earth.  His eternal purpose is demonstrated through the church and is revealed before the principalities and powers (Eph 3:19), which includes earthly authorities as well as angelic and demonic host. To speak … More The Church As The Means of God’s Government