Experiencing Community

To experience community one must be open to sharing life with others. Community is the fundamental aspect of the kingdom. The kingdom is relational and relationships are enhanced and strengthened through transparency. Transparency builds trust and trust builds community. Take a moment and take this survey and see where you are in experiencing community in your life. … More Experiencing Community

Every Member A Minister

There is no greater fulfillment in life than serving in the Master’s kingdom. Each person has a part to play. For centuries the church has been divided into two groups, clergy and layman. Now God has begun to take down that wall of separation. The healthiest churches around the world are those in which all members are encouraged to become active in their gifts. … More Every Member A Minister

Six ‘Yeses’ to Selecting Leaders in the Local Church

It has been my experience that when an elder is ordained and the congregation declares, “We could have done this some time ago, because he has already been serving as an elder,” then the timing is probably correct. However, if one is ordained too early the people may enquire, “What makes him an elder?” Great confidence is lost if an elder does not stand in respect before the people himself. He must be a teacher and minister with spiritual authority in his own right. … More Six ‘Yeses’ to Selecting Leaders in the Local Church

Jesus’ Model of Prayer

Jesus gave this outline or guide in which to pray. By using this simple model, we can see the areas that prayer should cover. Since prayer is communicating with God, it is important that listening be a part of each portion. For example, while you are worshiping and giving honor and adoration to the Father, it would be to your advantage to pause and listen in your spirit to see if the Holy Spirit gives you a strong impression or spiritual thought. It is also helpful to be prepared to write down what you receive in prayer. … More Jesus’ Model of Prayer

When You are Offended Without a Cause

Though one may have a clear conscience, that in and of itself does not make it an acceptable practice at all times. Some may reject Paul’s warning with a judgment, “Those Christians are just too narrow-minded and legalistic! I am going to do what I like; I have liberty in Christ.” Such an attitude reveals a lack of love for the Body of Christ and will not preserve the unity of the Spirit. Let us walk in our liberty but not use it to bring an offense to another. … More When You are Offended Without a Cause

Exercising Authority in Warfare

Whatever you see prevailing from the kingdom of darkness, you can counter by living and acting in the opposite spirit. If perversion is prevalent, then the Christian should manifest purity. The Church is to be the salt and light to the world. Your life stands in contrast to darkness. When proper actions and decisions are kept, the influence of demonic power is broken. Each believer who acts in the opposite spirit diminishes Satan’s strongholds. … More Exercising Authority in Warfare