RACISM — Reflections of a White Pastor in Oklahoma Part 1

This will be a series of blogs from reflections of my experiences as a white pastor in Oklahoma and serving in two communities that are overwhelmingly white. Racism is evil. It is simply the result of sin. That is why there is no other place where races are truly “one” other than at the foot … More RACISM — Reflections of a White Pastor in Oklahoma Part 1

Foundational Gifts in the Church – Apostles and Prophets

All of these five gifts are given to equip the saints in the local church. The gifts are given to equip and because of that, members should be able to do the work of any of the five without necessarily standing in gift of the five-fold. The equipping is done not by what they do but simply by who they are. … More Foundational Gifts in the Church – Apostles and Prophets

Overcoming the World

A Christian viewpoint must be reasoned from the Bible. The Word of God is alive and powerful and is able to judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. That is why you must guard your heart. The world entices the mind and heart. The more your heart is given to God, the less you will be attracted to the world. … More Overcoming the World

An Awful Christian Response to ISIS

A Christian response is to peach the gospel, pray for our national leaders, support a national defense against evil, and build friendships with Muslims here in the United States and abroad for personal influence and conversions. The later is an active role for a long-term problem, but for now we need biblical defense addressing evil with the force necessary to abolish the threat. The last thing we need is another awful Christian response. … More An Awful Christian Response to ISIS

Experiencing Community

To experience community one must be open to sharing life with others. Community is the fundamental aspect of the kingdom. The kingdom is relational and relationships are enhanced and strengthened through transparency. Transparency builds trust and trust builds community. Take a moment and take this survey and see where you are in experiencing community in your life. … More Experiencing Community

Every Member A Minister

There is no greater fulfillment in life than serving in the Master’s kingdom. Each person has a part to play. For centuries the church has been divided into two groups, clergy and layman. Now God has begun to take down that wall of separation. The healthiest churches around the world are those in which all members are encouraged to become active in their gifts. … More Every Member A Minister