The Abiding Validity of the Tithe – Part 2

The Purpose of the Tithe There is something powerful about worshiping God systematically with our substance. It is a constant act of worship revealing our faith, God’s ownership, and our submission. It takes faith to give ten percent of your increase off the top. It constantly reminds us that God has ownership over our lives. … More The Abiding Validity of the Tithe – Part 2

Jesus’ Model of Prayer

Jesus gave this outline or guide in which to pray. By using this simple model, we can see the areas that prayer should cover. Since prayer is communicating with God, it is important that listening be a part of each portion. For example, while you are worshiping and giving honor and adoration to the Father, it would be to your advantage to pause and listen in your spirit to see if the Holy Spirit gives you a strong impression or spiritual thought. It is also helpful to be prepared to write down what you receive in prayer. … More Jesus’ Model of Prayer

Victory Through the Word

No doubt, you are very much aware of how important God’s Word is to your daily victories. You may have already been able to see yourself growing as a result of applying the Word of God to your life. Whether it is overcoming the world, flesh, sin, or the Devil, the Word of God, along with God’s Spirit, is the key to victory. The Bible is significant in the life of a Christian. … More Victory Through the Word

Discipline of Prayer

Along with studying and meditating upon God’s Word, prayer is one of the essential disciplines in the life of a disciple.  It can be considered most central because prayer is communion with God.  All other disciplines cannot be practiced without it.  Fasting is only a hunger strike without it; meditation and all other spiritual disciplines … More Discipline of Prayer